About me

I was born in 1985 in Vorarlberg, Austria. When I turned 18 I bought my first SLR camera and fell in love with photography from then on. I started by shooting snowboarding and freeskiing with my friends. After a while I realized that photography was more than just a hobby; I started spending all the money I earned from selling photos on buying new camera equipment, and my photography became more and more experimental.

Nowadays, I’m working for different companies, crews and magazines all over the globe. I’ve shot for Adidas, Oakley, Atomic and many more. A photographer has to learn different styles and show variety in their work, so it was good for me to also get into commercial and industrial photography to help me develop. In 2009, I also finished a master degree in photography.

Photography gave me the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures, but also the chance to show others the world through my eyes. But it was my passion for freeskiing and snowboarding that gave me the spark to begin shooting.

Awards & Prices

2006 1. Art Photo Wettbewerb AFO
2009 2. Platz PCS Stifung Berlin
2010 Top 5 „Close UP“ Redbull Illume
2010 „Nine Knights“ Best Lifestyle
2011 „Nine Queens“ Best Lifestyle

official eye5 // photographer - represented by eye5.at